Labyrint: Labyrinth - Your Path to Self-Discovery, with Tony Christie (2019)

Wanneer: zaterdag 14 september 2019

Tijd: van 10:00 tot 17:00 uur
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Bijdrage: €111,-
Early bird price: €88,- als je je voor 1 juni aanmeldt

Lunch is niet inbegrepen; neem s.v.p. zelf je lunch mee

Tijdens de workshop wordt in begrijpelijk Engels gesproken; waar nodig zullen mensen van de Schaapshoeve helpen met vertalen

Meer informatie over Tony Christie en zijn werk vind je op

Tony Christie op de Schaapshoeve

Kennis, ervaring, reflectie... én plezier!
In 2019 komt de humorvolle Ierse labyrintwerker Tony Christie weer naar de Schaapshoeve om zijn brede kennis en diepe wijsheid in en met het labyrint te delen. We hebben zijn workshops ervaren als prachtige verbindende dagen, waar het labyrint de aanwezigen samenbracht. Onder Tony's bezielende leiding kan je een bijzondere vorm van Oneness ('Eenheid') en 'Connectedness' ('Verbondenheid') ervaren.

Naast het bijwonen van de workshop kun je ook bij Tony en/of zijn vrouw Fionnuala terecht voor individuele sessies op vrijdag 13 september. Tony geeft sessies Melchizedek Labyrinth healing, doet readings met zijn prachtige Labyrinth Wisdom Cards en Fionnuala geeft Soul Connection Readings.

Wij kijken er erg naar uit dat Tony er in september weer is om zijn nieuwste werk met ons te delen!
Carin & Jack


Labyrinth – Your Path to Self-Discovery

The labyrinth is an ancient symbol of wholeness, over 4,000 years old.  The labyrinth represents your journey in life. Labyrinths can help you feel centred and balanced, and gain insights into your life.

The path of the labyrinth represents your soul’s journey.  In exploring the labyrinth, you are exploring yourself. This labyrinth workshop is designed to give you an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the labyrinth, where you will learn about the layers and dimensions of the labyrinth, and how they relate to your life. You will also experience through the labyrinth how you are connected to all of existence and discover how to heighten your awareness to access your own inner wisdom.

Knowledge, experience, reflection

Tony’s workshop features a threefold approach of knowledge, experience and reflection. You will learn new information about the labyrinth: some of it being revealed for the first time. Experiences of the labyrinth will include advanced labyrinth walking practices and new ways of using the labyrinth. You will also have some time for personal reflection so you can integrate the knowledge and experiences.

Drawing on years of working with the labyrinth and pursuing his own spiritual path, Tony will be sharing his wisdom and joining with you on this stage of your journey.

Workshop content:

This profound Labyrinth Wisdom workshop will include:

  • The Magic of the Labyrinth – Uses and Practices
  • Exploring the layers and dimensions of the labyrinth and how they relate to your life
  • New advanced labyrinth practices
  • Experiencing the healing power of the labyrinth
  • Rebalancing your energy centres (chakras) and energy field with the labyrinth
  • Labyrinth based meditation
  • Guided powerful labyrinth walk(s)
  • Accessing your inner wisdom through the labyrinth
  • Labyrinth Wisdom Card reading
  • And more…

Tony works intuitively. This means that the program is subject to change to meet the day's and group's requirements.


About the Speaker & Presenter

Tony Christie is an author, artist, spiritual healer, mystic, labyrinth designer and inspirational speaker. He is an Advanced Veriditas certified labyrinth facilitator and has facilitated workshops all over the world in Asia, Australia, America and Europe, bringing a new and unique approach to working with the labyrinth. In his workshops, Tony teaches about the labyrinth, particularly how to use the labyrinth as a safe space to explore your journey in life, and how it brings you into a state of oneness with all of existence. 

In 2005 Tony founded ‘Labyrinth Ireland’ (see to raise awareness and use of the labyrinth as a tool for personal and spiritual growth.  In 2012 Tony published his Labyrinth Wisdom Cards, a deck of inspirational and guidance cards based on the labyrinth and featuring his own writings and artwork. He has recently launched a new form of healing based on the labyrinth called “Melchizedek Labyrinth Healing”. Tony’s new book “Labyrinth: Your Path to Self-Discovery” is released in June 2018.

Find out more about Tony and his work on his website


Further information

To get an idea of some of what we will be exploring on the workshop, check out some of Tony's talks and interviews on youtube:

Labyrinth Wisdom Cards (4m25s):


The benefits of the labyrinth part 1 - Accessing the Consciousness Field of the Labyrinth (10m40s):

Bridging Heaven & Earth Show # 316 dated February 9th, 2014 (59m02s):